Recorded Webinar

Get Smart about e-Discovery and Investigations

How to gather actionable intelligence for e-discovery projects

David Houlihan, principal analyst for legal technology at Blue Hill Research, and Andrea Beckman, group product manager of Review and Analytics at kCura, discuss a recent study exploring the emergence of analytics and business intelligence technologies in support of e-discovery and legal review.


  • Discussion on new research regarding the use of business intelligence and text analytics in e-discovery
  • Key lessons learned and solutions from professionals currently using analytics to gain intelligence during e-discovery 
  • A demo for how software can help you gain quick insight into your data from patterns and trends in a case

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how the use of e-discovery technology can provide actionable insight into your data throughout the lifecycle of a case
  • Learn best practices from others using e-discovery tools for better insight



David Houlihan
Principal Analyst, Blue Hill Research

Andrea Beckman

Andrea Beckman
Group Product Manager, kCura